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Antony Gormley Memory Field

At Antony Gormley Studio and Kings Place

This project sought to merge notions of memory proposed in St Augustine’s Confessions with hard structures used by Antony Gormley in his sculptures (such as the Weaire-Phelan structure of foam) and find musical common ground between them. In addition to this, the project drew from real memories donated from a range of sources including from Yad Vashem, Leslie Woodhead’s BBC Srebrenica documentary, and included specially written recollections of space travel from former NASA astronaut Jeffery Hoffman.

Memory Field was premiered in 2008 in Antony Gormley’s studio, to a large invited audience, by Nicholas Clapton and the Kreutzer Quartet, and performed again at Kings Place and the Royal Academy of Music in 2010. The project was supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.

Below is a film compiled by Greg Musser of excerpts from the performance, with audio by Colin Still and images documented by Filipa Cardoso.


Photograph by Filipa Cardoso © Antony Gormley 


Neil Heyde cello, photograph by Filipa Cardoso © Antony Gormley 

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